Blockchain technology peaked my interest at the end of 2016. I had only been trading stocks for a couple of months when my interest switched to cryptocurrencies. I had heard about Bitcoin a couple of times before, but like most people I thought it was only used on the darknet and by criminals. Unfortunatly I never looked any further.

So what changed at the end of 2016? Well to be honest the answer is quite simple. After discussing my favourite stocks and different investment strategies together with Niek on a daily basis we stumbled upon cryptocurrencies.  At first I only saw Bitcoin as a means of exchange and did not pay any attention to the underlying technology. The moment I started reading about blockchain technology and all the different posibilities I was hooked and have been ever since.

I was really fascinated by all the different blockchain projects that were allready there. So I started researching these projects and got even more intrigued. Blockchain technology brings endless new possibilities, it is here to stay and will change the way we live. Thanks to blockchain technology we will be able to decentralize almost everything.

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