“As a little boy I have always been interested in ‘the stock exchange’ and clever marketing tactics. The thing I liked the most at pre-university education was to make connections between various macroeconomic figures and social-cultural developments. Late 2015 I started trading the financial markets as a hobby, especially in forex, stocks and commodities. This hobby quickly grew into a daily activity. I have learned a lot in these past three and a half years. Both during my work as a proactive adviser in loans, savings and insurances at ABN AMRO bank, as intern Private Banking at Van Lanschot, during my study Financial Services Management, but especially during the many, many hours of self-study. As a HTF and LTF trader I am constantly learning to master my craft. I like to combine both the technical analysis and the fundamental analysis of a financial instrument. I believe human behavior is fractal in all markets & at all scales of time. History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes. I enjoy assisting people on subjects in which their knowledge is lacking. I am accurate, curious and social. I want improve what I am doing every single day.

During my study Financial Services Management, I am being prepared to maintain relationships, develop financial products, make policy, advise and analyse.

I got to know Timo at work. It immediately clicked through our shared passion for the financial markets. We have been involved in blockchain solutions since the end of 2016. Because of the enormous potential that blockchain has to offer, I believe it will be more disruptive than the internet. We are eager to put our knowledge into practice.”

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