Core team

The core team of ZClassic currently exists out of two main developers (the original founders) Joshua Yabut and Rhett Creighton.

Joshua Yabut

Joshua’s professional career consists of several engineer jobs. Joshua has over 5 years of experience with different engineering jobs at the Virginia Army National Guard. In addition, he has almost 3 years of experience as a ‘Red Team Leader’ for the NASA Langley Research Center. He performed and leaded routine and tailored offensive-type cybersecurity activities including:

  • Web application auditing
  • Network and application scanning
  • Wireless spectrum auditing
  • Static code analysis
  • Penetration testing and computer network exploitation (CNE) assessments

Before Joshua started his professional career, he graduated from DePaul University in Chicago. He obtained the Bachelor of Arts (BA) Information Technology cum laude and then successfully completed his Master of Science (MS) Information Technology Project Management. In addition, he has received various prizes as a security expert over the years.

Rhett Creighton

Rhett finished his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he completed his Bachelor in physics and Masters of Nuclear Engineering. Looking at the recommendations given by co-workers it is clear that Rhett is a very smart, innovative and creative guy who knows how to get things done.


Rhett created ZClassic together with Joshua. The main idea behind ZClassic was a fork of Zcash without a 20% distribution to the founders. The project started with a bright future ahead since the community really liked the honest coin distribution.

After a while the ZClassic development team started discussing additional features and capabilities they wanted to add to the project. These additional features and capabilities led to the idea of a cryptocurrency that was something new and different, borrowing from other successful currencies like Dash and Decred, and then adding something more. This is how ZenCash was born which eventually led to most developers switching from ZClassic to ZenCash which led many to believe that the ZClassic project was dead.

On December 9, core developer Rhett and “movrcx” (Joshua Yabut) the other original ZClassic founder announced that they are planning more active development with ZClassic.

They have decided that one way to help revitalize the coin is to create a Bitcoin Fork similar to Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold, but appending the UTXO set in Bitcoin as CoinBase inputs on top of the ZClassic Blockchain.

Under this scenario, existing ZCL holders keep 1 ZCL, Bitcoin Holders also get 1 ZCL. Supply increases 16.75M coins (Bitcoin Supply). The community was split about this proposal.

However, it is clear that “Bitcoin Private” is the most favored “brand”, which would create the only fair, no pre-mine, no founder reward, ZK-Snark technology privacy based coin that all Bitcoin holders have access to use.

After further discussion, the community seemed to favor a ZClassic hard fork which supplied replay protection. This gives everyone the freedom to choose whether they want to keep using the legacy ZClassic chain, which remains a simple clone of Zcash with no founder reward, or Bitcoin Private. This is similar to the way that the ZEN/ZClassic split worked in the past where every ZClassic holder had 1 ZCL + 1 ZEN after the split.

Bitcoin Private

According to Twitter there are currently a group of 20 developers working on the upcoming Bitcoin Private fork. When looking on Github it is evident that the team is working on multiple issues as we speak. There are bounties handed out for the most urgent matters which are being paid with donations sponsored by the community.


At this point in time there is no roadmap so it is not possible to check the trackrecord. All that can be said about this subject is that with the ZClassic development everything seemed to be in order until the developers decided to leave ZClassic to develop ZenCash. However the current activity on both Github and social media shows that there is a lot of development currently going on.

Why Bitcoin Private?

So why did the core developers suddenly decided to restart working on ZClassic and fork/rebrand it to Bitcoin Private? The answer to this question is not clear. All we can say for now is that the core development felt there was room for another Bitcoin fork. A Bitcoin fork which is focused on privacy and they seem to have made the right call when looking at price action. It is probably just a smart call to get more exposure.

One of a kind

The one thing we find useful about Bitcoin Private for now is that it will add privacy to a Bitcoin fork. Most cryptocurrencies build on privacy are performing quite well so this is definably a plus. That said, Bitcoin Private is not one of a kind and does not really have any other unique selling points then privacy. So this will have to be seen when and if Bitcoin Private further develops. As said before there is no whitepaper yet so it is not clear where the project will go in the future.


Bitcoin Private is under development and the current ETA is the end of January 2018. Just like the whitepaper there is not any kind of roadmap yet so it is unclear what will be developed after the fork. The Bitcoin Private coins will be distributed to all Bitcoin and ZClassic holders in a 1 to 1 ratio. For now it is not clear if any exchange will support the fork so it is best to keep them in the ZClassic software wallet.

Social media

Both the community and core developers are active on social media. Most tweets have around 3% of the followers react. Both ZClassic and Bitcoin Private is a trending topic on Twitter. There is a lot of activity going on at the community forums like Reddit, Steemit and Telegram which creates a lot of extra FOMO. Because ZClassic was thought of as a dead project the total market cap is still nowhere near other Privacy coins or other Bitcoin forks. Once people will realize that there is free money to be made like with recent forks and airdrops the FOMO will explode. According to recent updates there is still almost a month of FOMO ahead of us since the fork will take place at the end January.


As stated before there are a lot of other privacy focused cryptocurrencies. Most of these coins have there own unique selling points, Bitcoin Private has the advantage of using the Bitcoin brand. By adding privacy to the Bitcoin brand, Bitcoin Private will have the opportunity to get a great head start.

When looking at previous Bitcoin Forks, most forks did not provide a lot of innovation but still Bitcoin forks like BCH and BTG have gained a very high market cap, even though they are not technical delights. Even Bitcoin Diamond is doing well while relatively few people know it and it is a relative ‘shitcoin’.

Target markets

Crypto enthusiasts love privacy and Bitcoin is not really all that private. So in this sense the target market for Bitcoin Private is quite large, however as said before there are a lot of other Privacy coins that have a piece of the pie.

Legal barriers

As you may expect the greatest risk of a privacy coin is that regulators won’t be very happy about them. If cryptocurrencies get widely adopted it is a very real scenario that regulators will force exchanges to ban and delist privacy coins.

Technical analysis

When your due diligence is done and you are ready to buy this hidden gem, it is of great importance to find a good entry point. Technical analysis will help you deduce when you want to buy. Please keep in mind that this is only a helpful tool. There is no certain way to find the best entry point! Nobody, not even us, can predict the exact highs and lows.

  • RSI: Overbought
  • MACD: Short-term down-, long-term uptrend
  • 24Hours vol: Increasing
  • Moving average: Above both 50 and 200 day trend


At this point there are a lot of developments going on but this is normal because of the upcoming fork. The core developers have a lot of experience and are knowledgeable people. The Bitcoin Private rebrand was a brilliant marketing move and will give this coin a great head start. Another plus is that the developers proposed each decision to the community and let them make the best choice.

What lies after the fork is hard to say there is no whitepaper or roadmap yet so where this coin will end has to be seen.

Rich list and market cap

The rich list will be almost the same as with Bitcoin since all BTC holders will get one Bitcoin Private, the only difference will be the Bitcoin Private given to all ZCL holders. Currently ZClassic has a market cap of 165 million dollar, ranking the crypto at number 111 at Looking at this market cap there is still a lot of upward potential.

For those who are following our Twitter account we hope you enjoyed the ride! We called ZClassic around the 3-4 dollar mark at the 13th of December, more to come soon!!

ZClassic is a short-term call, we expect upwards price momentum untill the fork takes place! Dump it a few days before the fork or – if you believe in Bitcoin Private – HODL so you can claim your Bitcoin Private coins and dump the ZClassic coins directly after the snapshot.


Max USD ($) profit: 7028% Januari 7, 2018
Max BTC (B) profit: 9721% Januari 14, 2018


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