Yes, we picked Zclassic last year around 3 dollars when Rhett decided to bring new life into Zclassic by announcing a fork with Bitcoin on a 1:1 ratio. The new coin would be called Bitcoin Private and according to Rhett the most important project of his life.

We know that Rhett is very keen on forking, but who the fork would expect him to do the same thing again.

Not to mention within two months after forking Bitcoin Private. This time Primecoin is the lucky one.

We, members of Crypto Picks where flabbergasted by the following tweet.

Ten days prior to this tweet Rhett was still telling his followers that BTCP is the true vision of Bcash and was bragging about the fact that BTCP had passed Zcash in marketcap.

Everybody shills their own project so there is nothing wrong with that. We all want to bring out good news, because good news needs to be mentioned. But how can someone as committed as Rhett seemed to be suddenly start promoting a new fork? It seems that Rhett is only focused on forking a project for a quick buck and then fork on.

Can somebody give this guy a spoon!

Rhett claims that he still wants to work on Bitcoin Private but that he really can’t do much for BTCP until it hits a big exchange. As the lead developer or at least the main guy behind BTCP isn’t it his job to get Bitcoin Private listed?

In the following video at 2:29 where Rhett is talking about his previous forks he states that he never aproached any exchanges so why would he approach them now.

Click here for the video

One of the Bitcoin Private developers also stated the following about Rhett his behaviour during fork day.

So even when certain companies “exchanges” are trying to contact Rhett he gives them a hard time.

It seems that the Bitcoin Private team was already fed up with the almighty Rhett and this was the drop. After his Primecoin tweet, Rhett got removed from Github and Discord by the BTCP team.

Clearly a lot has happened between Rhett and the BTCP team. The BTCP community is disappointed, angry and have the right to be. But some way, somehow Rhett gets away with it and forks on.

He forks again without finishing his so called ‘lifework’. Rhett is building a reputation as a “serial forker’. First Zcash, then Zclassic and now with Primecoin! Yes it’s happening!

It seems Rhett has found his way of manipulating the markets. In an interview from last year where he is being lectured by Richard Heart he came across a tad nervous. Especially when Richard calls him a pump and dumper.

Heart even asks Rhett when he can get into his fourth pump and dump at 1:17:25. Note that this was before the Bitcoin Private fork. Watch the video from 1:15:00 and see for yourself.

Click here for the video

So how reliable is Rhett on the long run? Well, our honest opinion, not very reliable at all.

We can’t deny that he is able to give you good profits if you get into his forks at the start. So if you are only here for the money, like Rhett, then he’s your pick.

But if you also believe in and want to support blockchain technology, care about the eco-system and want to invest in a solid project with a good team and formula. Then you should avoid pump and dumps which are orchestrated by men like Rhett Creighton.


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