Capital ControlThis is a list of countries with high capital controls in order of size of their populations (IMF). It shows that more than half of the world’s population has very limited access to money, which is often due to exploitative political systems (many have no ability to even get a bank account).  Even in countries without major capital controls, such as in the US, Germany, Japan etc, citizens do have restrictions. Particularly cash payments are very restricted in an effort to limit money laundering, terror financing and tax avoidance. While use of cash for such nefarious purposes may be a very small part of the over all economy, these type of restrictions also unfairly affect regular honest individuals. Cryptocurrencies threaten these, often exploitative, control mechanisms because they enable individuals to perform anonymous and secure money transfers around the globe without banks or government controlled fiat currency. This is the major reason why leading representatives of the financial industry, presidents of central banks & regulation authorities and bankster pets such as Joe Stiglitz or Ken Rogoff try to discredit and denunciate cryptocurrencies. They realize that they are losing their exorbitant privilege of control and power and try to push back.

List capital controls

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