It seems ARK and Dragonchain have partnered up and it’s not only to race together, but also in the race for mass blockchain adoption. So what’s the reason for this collaboration? And more important what is there to expect from this so called Interchain? To answer these questions we should first take a brief look at the individual projects and their use-cases. For the record we have not reached out to either of the projects, these are just our two cents about the reasons for their collaboration.


What is ARK? ARK is an all-in-one blockchain platform that can connect to other blockchains, creating a vast network of linked blockchains. It is the backbone and main blockchain of the ARK ecosystem.

ARK acts as the intermediary between the linked chains, opening up the possibility to transfer data, coins and functions between different chains. This technology is what ARK calls their SmartBridge. ARK aims to create an entire ecosystem consisting of these linked chains making  a virtual spiderweb of endless use-cases.

In the future ARK will also offer push button blockchains (an easy way to fork ARK by the click of a button), that will automatically be able to connect to the ARK Ecosystem. These forked chains will run on their own blockchain, but will have all the functionality that the ARK mainchain has to offer.

Instead of having one blockchain with many use cases, why not have many blockchains with a single use case which are able to communicate and use each other’s use case?

ARK is designed for mass blockchain adoption by offering anyone with or without a business the ability to create their own blockchain solution without to a lot of effort and the need for programming skills.


Currently there is a huge gap between business and blockchain development. It is confusing, requires expensive specialists and simply to inefficient for most companies. Dragonchain tries to fix these problems by creating smart contract deployment with a single click. These contracts have 5 layers of trust, are programmable in known programming languages and have flexible integration with any business solution.

Dragonchain consists of an commercial platform and Incubator program. The commercial platform focuses on protecting business assets. It’s a turnkey and scalable environment which uses a serverless architecture to empower smart contract developers. The developers can use established programming languages such as Java, Python, Node and C-sharp. In addition, all smart contracts have full access to Amazon AWS services and capabilities.

The Dragonchain Incubator program standardizes the process to launch a blockchain project. It provides early access for the community to exciting projects, and is scaled by active crowd participation.

Finally the Dragonchain marketplace, which is an ecosystem of verified subject matter experts across disciplines such as crypto, marketing, legal, software development, and recruiting. Included in the marketplace are libraries of pre-built smart contracts monetized by developers for re-use. These contracts will allow more and more business solutions to add blockchain to their project.


The Interchain is a Smart Contract which can watch a blockchain of the user’s choice for incoming transactions or fire smart contracts on Dragonchain or another public blockchain. The interchain’s capabilities include: watching the transactions on a chain and/or address of the user’s choice, firing smart contracts on Dragonchain or other public chains, moving tokens or currency on Dragonchain or other chains, and using a public chain for a transparent process of selective parts of the user’s business logic.

Future Use-Case

A small grocery store uses multiple suppliers to get its products. Each supplier uses a different blockchain to complete their transactions on; one uses Ethereum, another uses NEO, and another uses Ark. The store does not want to commit to one blockchain over another. Instead, the store uses Dragonchain to monitor each blockchain. With Dragonchain’s Interchain, the store is able to monitor transactions and interact with different blockchains all in one place and implement business logic agnostic to whatever blockchain is being used.

So basically the Dragonchain Interchain and the ARK SmartBridge share the same functions and Dragonchain created the ARK Interchain to communicate with the ARK ecosystem. In the future when new blockchains are deployed with a push on a button within the ARK ecosystem it will be possible to launch pre-built Dragonchain smart contracts with a single click on top of these push button blockchains.

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