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ICO’s and regulators – Securities or Not?

In the last few days, a lot of reports are coming out about charges against ICO’s. Today, this news came out:

U.S. securities law can be used to prosecute fraud cases over cryptocurrency offerings, a New York federal judge ruled on Tuesday in what appeared to be the first court decision to address the issue. The ruling from U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie in Brooklyn allows federal prosecutors to pursue their case against Maksim Zaslavskiy. The Brooklyn resident was arrested in November on charges that he defrauded investors in two cryptocurrencies, violating the federal Securities Exchange Act.

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Venezuela Petro Nationalized

Antithetic government-backed cryptocurrencies were
bound to arrive sooner or later, and Venezuela seems
to be leading the charge with the Petro Continue Reading

Bitcoin ETF or not?

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US financial market watchdog Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has again rejected several applications for a Bitcoin ETF in the United States. Why do they keep rejecting the applications and what are the possible effects on the market?

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China’s Cryptocurrency Crackdown Escalates

China banChina is poised to block over 120 foreign cryptocurrency exchanges as part of the government’s broader crackdown on activities related to digital money, according to state media.

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Time heals everything.

Time heals everything

No comment.

The Background of our Monetary System – part 3

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The Background of our Monetary System – part 2

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The Background of our Monetary System – Part 1

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Capital Controls

Capital ControlThis is a list of countries with high capital controls Continue Reading

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